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CLtL Acronym Proposal

   We have tried this sort of thing in 5 different Common Lisps, and
   all of them behave this way.  Is it in fact the right behavior, or
   is it a bug?  (It's a bug on my reading of CLtLs I and II, but maybe
   I'm missing something.)

   -- Jeff

A consensus is needed on the proper abbreviation for the old and
new editions of CLtL. So far I have seen the above example,
as well as CLtL vs. CLtL2. Therefore, in much the same spirit
as the naming convention of a certain computer manufacturer,
I propose the following "standard" abbreviations for these
and related documents, as well as a few for some possible
future publications:

CLtL       => The "Silver Bible"
"Fat CLtL" => CLtL with email-circulated Errata sheet
CLtL Plus  => CLtL plus Common Lisp, the Index

CLtL SE    => The Second Edition
CLtL SE/30 => The Second Edition when/if Series and Generators are accepted

CLtL II    => The next book, documenting the new ANSI standard for Common Lisp
CLtL IIx   => The Hypercard stack that will be continually updated
              for each succeeding revision of the standard
CLtL IIcx  => The telememic transference system that will give
              purchasers instant wizard-level experience with
	      the standard _as_it_happens_

CLtL IIIntx => I don't know what this will be, and neither does anyone else.
               (Aren't you just quivering in anticipation?)

And of course, there will always be the ever popular

CLtL Portable => Your own personal scrapbook of information
                 copied from the above

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