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gis software wanted

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>Message-ID:  <23281@bellcore.bellcore.com>

> We would need an inexpensive GIS (Geographic Information System) package 
> for Symbolics.  Is there any such system available?   We need to access
> both vector and raster (satellite imagery) data and have some simple 
> map presentation, layer combination, and distance operators available.
> Hannu Saarenmaa
> Finnish Forest Research Institute, Helsinki
> in%"saarenmaa@csc.fi"     fax +358-0-625308

If you find one, could you please post the results? 

[I sent this back to SLUG since I could not generate the correct return
path to the author.] 

Thank you,

Leslie Walko

p.s. Statice works quite well for certain GIS applications.  It does not
have distance operator primitives, but if your data is point based, that
should be trivial issue.