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Version 8.0

    Date: Fri, 18 May 90 11:02:42 -0700
    From: ssmith@ruffles.nrtc.northrop.com (Stephen P. Smith)

    I've just gotten my version 8 tapes, along with some
    of our supplemental software, including IP-TCP, COLOR,
    and FORTRAN.  However I haven't gotten NFS, XWINDOWS,
    and optional sources, all of which we have at our
    site for version 7.2.

    Has anybody else seen these missing tapes yet?  
    Should I rattle somebody at Symbolics about this,
    or are these tapes just going to be slow in getting

     --Steve (SSmith@NRTC.Northrop.COM)

Our 8.0 tapes were delivered earlier this week, and NFS and X-Windows
were included in the pile of stuff we received.  I would definitely
check with their Contract Administration people; it may be that there
was a glitch in the software maintenance agreements for these products.

 -- Chuck Fry (Chucko@Charon.ARC.NASA.GOV)
    Information Sciences Systems Group
    NASA Ames Research Center