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Version 8.0

   Date: Fri, 18 May 90 11:02:42 -0700
   From: ssmith@ruffles.nrtc.northrop.com (Stephen P. Smith)

   I've just gotten my version 8 tapes, along with some
   of our supplemental software, including IP-TCP, COLOR,
   and FORTRAN.  However I haven't gotten NFS, XWINDOWS,
   and optional sources, all of which we have at our
   site for version 7.2.

   Has anybody else seen these missing tapes yet?  
   Should I rattle somebody at Symbolics about this,
   or are these tapes just going to be slow in getting

    --Steve (SSmith@NRTC.Northrop.COM)

We got 8.0 a month early (we're a VAR), and there was some confusion about
NFS and XWS.  The problem was that we had purchased these products and
support from ILA, and when ILA licensed them to Symbolics we'd never added
them to our Symbolics software support contract.

We also didn't get the optional sources, but I've been assuming that they
would come with the real release (which we still haven't received).