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Re: Consulting Catalog

Michael made some corrections to my original message (From your latest
message I assume you didn't receive the original).  Can you ACK this
message.  I'm not sure what you are and aren't receiving.

Andy:  Can you send me your current phone number?  I got the phone
message from you but I misplaced the number.

If it is not to late here is the amended version:

   Date: Mon, 14 May 90 17:07:30 EDT
   From: scubed!oiscola!aressler@harvard.sri.com (Andrew Ressler)

   Dear Slug Member,

   We are creating a SLUG Consulting Catalog.
	For Small Consulting Companies:

	1. Company Name

Symbolic Computing Consultants

	2. Contact Information (Address, Phone #, Net-Address, Fax #, etc.)

9 Everett St.; Cambridge, MA 02138
(voice) (617)868-0346
(fax) 617-868-0347

	3. Key Personal Names

Neil Mayle
Michael Greenwald

	4. Number of People with Significant Lisp Machines experience
		   (Symbolics, TI, LMI, CADRS, etc.)


	5. Other Languages experience (C++ etc.)

Several years of extensive experience in all the major programming

	6. Experience with Symbolics Specifics (Statice, Joshua, Concordia,
	   Graphics/S-Products, Networking, Windows, Zmacs, etc.)

Metering, Scheduler, NS, Joshua, Statice, Networking, Windows, DW,
MacIvory, ZMacs, Reader.

	7. General Specialties (Prototyping, Graphics, System Internals, Porting,
	   System Design etc.)

Performance Analysis and Tuning, UI, CAD, System Internals, Prototyping,
Hardware, Porting, Algorithmic design, and Numerics.

	8. Major Projects worked on

One of the primary developers of Symbolics NS CAD system.  Wrote the
Genera Metering interface.  Team member of American Express credit
authorization expert system project.  Consultant on the Analog Devices
Janus VLSI CAD system.  Researched running Joshua on a parallel

Wrote the New Scheduler for Symbolics.  Wrote the Metering
Substrate.  Worked on the Lisp Reader.  Rewrote implementation of
Resources for Symbolics.  Member of the team that ported Genera to
the Ivory architecture.  Member of the team that implemented Common
Lisp.  Many other system/networking projects.

	9. References from clients that would be willing to discuss your performance

Available on request.

	10. Misc Comments

Prior to consulting, the two key personnel worked at Symbolics for a
total of seven years.  Symbolic Computing Consultants has been in the Lisp
consulting business since 1985.  We have worked on a wide range of
projects: short term and long term, systems and applications.  In
all our work we have concentrated on high performance, and
performance tuning of existing systems.  We also deliver custom
performance tools, tailored to the particular needs of the client's

   We have the following list of people that have already agreed to be in the

	Amos Oshrin
	Andrew Ressler
	Larry Stead
	Michael Komichak
	Niel Mayle
The spelling is as noted above (Neil)
You can list us as 
Symbolic Computing Consultants (Neil Mayle, Michael Greenwald)
if another copy of this message goes out.

	Odyssey Systems, Inc (Steve Gandor)
	PANGARO Incorporated (Paul Pangaro, Bill Wilkinson)
	Paul Cross


(This net address is good for the next few weeks - the Compuserve address is 
the most reliable.)