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documentation in zmacs

I have two problems with the way the documentation works in Zmacs, and
I wonder if any of you have solutions.

1) It used to be that if one called up a piece of documentation in
Zmacs (via M-sh-D), one got to see it, and it also got loaded into the
document examiner.  I LIKED this.  Nowadays, you just get to look at
it as it scrolls by, and if you miss something, tough luck.  Not even
a bookmark is left behind.  Has anyone `unfixed' this so it works the
way it used to?

2) Has anyone written a command to look up the common-lisp-style
documentation strings, and display them in a nicely formatted way,
while in the editor?  I know, I know, I should do this myself, it
would be easy enough, but if someone already has...