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documentation in zmacs

    Date: Mon, 21 May 90 21:10:40 EDT
    From: rpg@cs.brown.edu
    To: slug@Warbucks.AI.SRI.COM
    I have two problems with the way the documentation works in Zmacs, and
    I wonder if any of you have solutions.
    1) It used to be that if one called up a piece of documentation in
    Zmacs (via M-sh-D), one got to see it, and it also got loaded into the
    document examiner.  I LIKED this.  Nowadays, you just get to look at
    it as it scrolls by, and if you miss something, tough luck.  Not even
    a bookmark is left behind.  Has anyone `unfixed' this so it works the
    way it used to?
It's hidden behind Select Viewer Background in the document examiner
these days, and the background viewer has its own set of bookmarks.  I
like your idea of just putting a bookmark into the foreground viewer
instead of having a background viewer.

By the way, you can re-view anything that has scrolled by in the editor
using c-m-Scroll (true since 7.0).  You can also search backwards with
s-R, but only if you press Suspend first.

    2) Has anyone written a command to look up the common-lisp-style
    documentation strings, and display them in a nicely formatted way,
    while in the editor?

c-sh-D has always done this.