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documentation in zmacs

    Date: Mon, 21 May 90 22:23 EDT
    From: Moon@STONY-BROOK.SCRC.Symbolics.COM (David A. Moon)

	Date: Mon, 21 May 90 21:10:40 EDT
	From: rpg@cs.brown.edu
	To: slug@Warbucks.AI.SRI.COM
	I have two problems with the way the documentation works in Zmacs, and
	I wonder if any of you have solutions.
	1) It used to be that if one called up a piece of documentation in
	Zmacs (via M-sh-D), one got to see it, and it also got loaded into the
	document examiner.  I LIKED this.  Nowadays, you just get to look at
	it as it scrolls by, and if you miss something, tough luck.  Not even
	a bookmark is left behind.  Has anyone `unfixed' this so it works the
	way it used to?
    It's hidden behind Select Viewer Background in the document examiner
    these days, and the background viewer has its own set of bookmarks.  I
    like your idea of just putting a bookmark into the foreground viewer
    instead of having a background viewer.

It's such a good idea that two variables exist for controlling this behavior:
that you set the first (whose default is "Background") to the name of the viewer you want to be
affected by the external (to Document Examiner) lookup.  You set the second (whose default is
:CONTENTS) to either :CONTENTS or :BOOKMARK to control whether you get the contents of the
documentation or just a bookmark.  I don't have access to the sources, but my examination of
disassembled code indicates that the *BACKGROUND-LOOKUP-MODE* is only being examined when the
viewer into which the documentation is being put isn't the current viewer of the Document
Examiner.  I don't know why this happens.  [I have this vague recollection that the UI-Review
group enforced this anomaly.]  Perhaps someone with the sources can figure it out.