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Future of Customer Support???

    Date: Fri, 25 May 90 17:14 EDT
    From: attila@flash.bellcore.com (Leslie A. Walko)

    About half of the Chatworth CA Customer Support Staff has been layed off
    or left due to uncertainties over the past few months.

    Up until six months ago, Symbolics had one of the best Customer Support
    groups in the industry.  They used to answer the phone directly,
    understand the system, give intelligent advice and in generaly work very
    hard at making users happy.  They were not *perfect* they they were, and
    the remaining ones are, far better than what other vendors call

Becuase of previous remarks that I have made on this subject I feel
compelled to "answer" this.  I still feel that Symbolics customer
service is far better than any other vendors' support.  Unfortunately
the person who usually handled our problems left and a few things fell
through the cracks.  Things are now back on track, and I'm happy once
again.  My apologies for making public (via slug) something that
shouldn't have been.

    It is my understanding that that the remaining Customer Support people
    will be FIRED within the next one or two weeks!

Fired?  I haven't heard anything about this.

  The official
    explanation is that Customer Support is being moved to Burlington.

Ahh, relocating is a different story.  Companies do it all the time.
The reason is usually financial and (if they really are relocating
support) I'm sure that Symbolics has weighed this decision carefully.
Also, having the support personnel geographically close to the
developers can be a real plus.  Networks are great but vis-a-vis is
always better.

	    1. Is Symbolics going to relocate it experienced staff?
	    2. Will they receive financial compensation for the move?
	    3. Why on Earth do this?  

    If the answer to 1) is NO, how is Symbolics planning to provide Customer

	    4. Should I start calling the developers with my questions?
	    5. Cancel my maintenance, and spend the money on consultants?

    Could Symbolics Management please post a reply to slug@ai.sri.com.

    Than you,
    Leslie Walko

Another 2 cents worth: I was delighted to see the new pricing for the
XL400 and XL1200 series.  I certainly hope this sort of agressiveness
 --Mark Alexander