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NFS, 8.0 installation problems

We have a MacIvory that is being upgraded to 8.0.  That went well,
however, after installing TCP and NFS, Network RPC, NFS Client, and
NFS Server NFS is not working properly.  Has anyone else experienced
problems installing the new NFS?

This MacIvory is on a network of Suns which run Yellow Pages.  Prior
to 8.0 and the new versions of the layered software NFS and Yellow
Pages had been working fine.

However, now when I try to login to the Symbolics, with my home
directory on the Sun, I get the following error:

Login (user name) kristina
Error: Flavor RPC:PORT-UNAVAILABLE does not handle the init keywords :AGENT,

140002656> :TRANSACTION-ID 71246 ...)
s-A, #146#:    Ignore the unhandled init keywords.
s-B:           Retry MOUNT after resetting the file access path for SHAMASH
s-C:           Retry OPEN of SHAMASH:/etc/passwd.~newest~
s-D:           Retry OPEN using a different pathname
s-E, #145#:    Return to Lisp Top Level in Dynamic Lisp Listener 1
s-F:           Restart process Dynamic Lisp Listener 1

I get a similar error when I try to get a directory listing of a UNIX host.

Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.


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