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NFS, 8.0 installation problems

    Date: Tue, 29 May 90 10:42:49 EDT
    From: kristina@cmi.com (Kristina Fayyad)

    We have a MacIvory that is being upgraded to 8.0.  That went well,
    however, after installing TCP and NFS, Network RPC, NFS Client, and
    NFS Server NFS is not working properly.  Has anyone else experienced
    problems installing the new NFS?

You may have managed to load some of the 7.4 software into your Release 8

When you installed your Release 8 software, did you make a point of installing
it in a separate directory from your 7.4 Ivory software, as suggested in the
installation guide, or did you install it in the same directories?  What does
your sys:site;sys.translations file look like?

What systems did you load? (Had you used the control-M debugger command to
compose this mail message, I would not have to ask this).