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    Date: Wed, 30 May 90 10:28:13 EDT
    From: spike@starbase.mitre.org (Ben Bloom)

    The dw:tracking-mouse macro seems to ignore the :mouse-click clause
    when running on a color window in Genera 7.2.

Does color window mean secondary color screen?

Remember that clicks in DW are multiplexed like keyboard input: they go
to the selected window, even if that isn't the one you clicked on.
TRACKING-MOUSE is effectively doing input from the given window.

In 8.0, I believe TRACKING-MOUSE lets you see multiple windows (so you'd
pass it the selected one as your focus).  In 7.2, the above multiplexing
is incompatible with TRACKING-MOUSE.

    Does anyone have a fix for this?

Try putting a WINDOW-CALL to the color window around the macro to make
sure it'll be selected while you operate.