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emptying an hashtable

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  I use a lot of hashtables having the form described below:

(defvar *a-table*
        (make-hash-table :test #'equal
		         :rehash-threshold 0.8 
			 :rehash-size 2.0 
			 :size 100))

  When I have to empty them, I use the following function:

(defun reset-hashtable (table)
  (maphash #'(lambda (key value)
	       (declare (ignore value))
	       (remhash key table))

  Both declarations correspond to the description in the chapter 16 of ClTl, 
and everything works well.

  But, I had another slightly different table:

(defvar *another-table*
	(make-hash-table :test #'eq               ; instead of EQUAL
			 :rehash-threshold 0.8 
			 :rehash-size 2.0 
			 :size 100))

>From the CLtl, EQ is also usable. But, When I tried to empty *another-table*, 
only one element was removed. I had to recreate it with the test being EQUAL 
so that my procedure worked.

  Is this a bug (maybe known) or did I misunderstand something?

Emmanuel Baechler baechler@elma.epfl.ch
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology at Lausanne