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X11 server, plotting package

    Date: Thu, 31 May 90 18:29 EDT
    From: maeda@WOMBAT.CS.CMU.EDU (Christopher M. Maeda)

    I'm looking for two things.  Can anyone help me?

    1) An X11 server for Symbolics that accepts connections over both TCP
    and DECNet (provided both layered products are loaded, of course).  I'll
    help on a partly-done implementation if anyone needs it.

    2) A quick, dirty, and free set of plotting functions.  ie plots sets of
    points in 2-D with axes, labels, and maybe curve fitting.  Save me a day
    of work, please.

I programmed up a not-so quick and dirty plotting substrate a while
back.  I also programmed a plotter interface, which gives a menu and
then plots to screen or printer.  The software relies heavily on the
graphics and dw packages.

In the back of my mind, I was planning on converting it to Sun use via
express windows.  But, get this;  I was just giving a new work task

Running a fortran program on an IBM 3090!!!!

Let's see, where did I put that resume... 
Scott Fisher