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Re: OK, so I have a package reference in my init file...

    Date: Mon, 4 Jun 90 22:08:55 EDT
    From: Jim Davis <jrd@media-lab.media.mit.edu>

    What I do for cases like this is something like

    (when (find-package 'EOM)
      (funcall (find-symbol 'compress 'EOM)))

    This is reproduced from memory, I might be wrong about
    small details like e.g. does find-symbol take a string
    or a symbol and so on.  It's not very pretty, a better
    solution would be a readmacro that did the same thing.

    If you have been thoughtful enough to designate a "feature"
    for each package, then you can use #+ of course.

This also works, as it turns out (I had logical sense reversed when
debugging, sorry) .....

(when (find-package 'fred)
 (sct:pkg-bind 'fred (setq foo nil)))   ; really fred:foo