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sys:nfs;defbook.lisp missing from NFS distribution [2]

    Date: Tue, 5 Jun 90 10:57 EDT
    From: buff@pravda.gatech.edu (Richard Billington)

    sys:nfs;defbook.lisp seems to be missing from the NFS distribution,
    and is required by the nfs-documentation system, and there seem to
    be no register-book forms in the system declaration (as with ip-tcp).

I noticed this as well.  They apparently forgot to override the default
source category, so it is only shipped with NFS source distributions.
Since I was planning on getting the sources I simply waited for them to

    Finally, I don't see any big bold flags (and I never ran across it in the
    installation instructions) that says you need to load the ip-tcp-doc
    system if you want on-line ip-tcp documentation. Since this used to be the
    default, I'd recommend it be flagged pretty clearly. For example, it should a
    step in the section 2.1 Overview of IP/TCP Installation "If the user wants
    on-line (Doc. Ex.) documentation, then the system ip-tcp-doc should be

I agree.  It wasn't until your message that I realized that I didn't
have it loaded.