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Future of Customer Support???

As per recent conversations about Customer Support changes at Symbolics, and their
informing of SLUG and users in general:

    For the record I want to report that Ken Tarpey did speak to me about
    this matter in advance of the SLUG e-mail discussion, and as in the past
    I was told that the information would be spread via slug very quickly.
    Unfortunately, and I believe out of Ken's control, it has taken far too
    long to get the word to SLUG itself. I appreciate that Ken has done
    informed me as President of SLUG, now and on past occasions, but he and
    I both know that this is no substitute for informing all users. SLUG's
    position, as often re-stated, is that the officers are not a conduit to
    users and not responsible for disseminating such information unless
    explicitly asked and agreed.  (The problems over SLUG board being told
    things that *did* get re-told, and our desire not to be used to pass out
    "useful but unnofficial" information from Symbolics to users are the
    reasons for this.)