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Re: CLOS Pronunciation

In article <19900605193601.1.DAVID@GUINEVERE.tamu.edu> DAVID@GUINEVERE.tamu.EDU (David Browne) writes:
>Can anyone tell me what the official pronunciation is for
>"CLOS"?  We here generally pronounce it as "close" as in
>"close but no cigar."  I have also heard it pronounced
>as "see loss," as if it were spelled "C-LOS". 
Well, I personally prefer the "close" pronunciation, "klahss" taking
second place... "see-loss" really grates if you ask me, but it *does*
seem to be the majority.  Perhaps we should just take Gregor's advice
and just say "CommonLisp"...

	-mik (mthome@bbn.com, mthome@thalamus.bu.edu)