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Domains; More questions

If you looked at the headers to my last message, you've recognized I've
got even more problems: Can't send directly to ai.sri.com, gotta send it
via fs1, ugh.

What's the deal?  The documentation for installing tcp has got me confused; 
too many `optional load this' and I cant tell how they are linked.

I DID define an internet network object, give internet addresses & added
   all sorts of services, put internet domain in site, loaded ip/tcp

  run (tcp:initialize-internet-namespace)
   &  (tcp:install-nic-host-table)
In the doc these are steps for `Configuring ARPA Internet TCP/IP Sites'
Well, I DO want to be on the Internet, they can even call it ARPA if they like, 
but I DO NOT want to install the hosts table, ugh!  
Are theses seperable? ie I might accept doing the 1st but not the 2nd.

BTW; I'm trying TCP:SEND-ICMP-ECHO, it only works for hosts in the namespace.
Is there something with gateways &/| subnets i should be thinking about?

[dont reply to nbs1.cam.nist.gov!]