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"See Loss"

   Date: Fri, 8 Jun 90 16:52 CDT
   From: DAVID@KBS2.TAMU.EDU (David Browne)

(let  ((relevant-p nil))

   If people are going to pronounce CLOS as "see loss",
   then we should pronounce

	FEP as "eff epp"
	DOS as "dee oss"
	CLIPS as "see lips"

IMHO this is the only real valid comparison you make, since all the 
others have a consonant followed by a vowel, unlike CLOS, and I guess
the tendency is to pronounce it in a way such that each consonant is a
sort of separate entity.  But what do YOU call the DOD or DOE? (I call them
dee oh dee and dee oh ee).

	NASA as "en assa".

   Do people pronounce CLIM as "see lim" or "klim"?

I vote for see lim

   David Browne
   Knowledge Bases Systems Lab
   Texas A&M University