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Domains partly solved.

Well Thanks to many of you; I've got part of my problems solved.
In one of my permutations I had been close to the answer.  I had
guessed wrong what our gateway was and our net people had gone home.
And by itself the subnet number didn't help.


I am also, at least temporarily using this patch

;;; 1Patch so that we can have the Namespace use the same internet domain as 
0;;; 1is actually maintained0 1by FS1 (accessed by :domain service)
(defun find-domain (name-list &optional (if-not-found ()))
  (or (find-nonexistent-domain name-list)
      (find-dialnet-domain name-list if-not-found)
      (find-address-domain name-list if-not-found)
      ;; 2Dont create things in the NAMESPACE.
0      (find-namespace-domain name-list ); if-not-found)
      ;; 2IF not found there, just ask the domain server.
0      (find-native-domain name-list if-not-found)))

[Hope I didn't give away any trade secrets?]

At least when net:parse-host looks for a host, it often ends up in the above
with IF-NOT-FOUND as :CREATE.  The above hack says, if not found in the
namespace (or previous) dont create anything in the namespace, let the :domain 
system have a shot at it, and they can punt.

Seems to work fine so far; any predictions of where this may bite me?