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8.0: Timers; Scheduler Sluggishness; Remote Terminal Status Line

    Date: Mon, 11 Jun 90 14:22 EDT
    From: Barry Margolin <barmar@Think.COM>
	From: Dodds@YUKON.SCRC.Symbolics.COM (Douglas Dodds)

	  Of course, everybody should
	convert to using new timers as soon as convenient.

    Some of us might like to wait for "Periodic Actions" to be made public,
    as all of our timers use the (:FOREVER <period>) option.  The
    documentation that recommends converting away from timer queues
    references them.  The online documentation says "TBD", the manual
    doesn't describe them at all, and the interface functions are internal
    symbols in the PROCESS package.  Nothing in the system appears to use
    them, so I'm not too sure of their stability.

It's unfortunately true that periodic actions are not documented, as I
was reminded when I looked this stuff up this morning.  I personally
can't comment on their finishedness or stability.