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Fatal Disk Error urgency [1]

    Date: Wed, 6 Jun 90 13:49 EDT
    From: Barry Margolin <barmar@Think.COM>

    They are in the optional sources.  I'm surprised ILA doesn't have these.

    I think in 7.2 they were documented in release notes, as I don't think
    the appropriate manual was updated for 7.2 and SI:FIX-FEP-* weren't in
    7.0.  In 8.0 they're in the Site Operations manual.

I don't know if we get *any* software by normal channels.  But
it may be here and just not installed, just like the
documentation isn't installed.  I think Dennis may have run out
of disk space on the relevant machine.

I've never seen *any* 8.0 documentation.  We have the beta-test
documentation online, but I'm running the 8.0 release world now
so I can't look at it!

    Eagles are documented to have a MTBF of 10,000 hours, or a little less
    than a failure a year.  So you're about due for another five errors :-)

That's about what I remembered, but I don't know where to find an Eagle
manual any more.  (The Eagle service manual is very complete and very informative,
by the way.  But it's not very approachable.)

I think this failure rate may have improved somewhat for some
newer drives, by maybe even up to 25,000, but I'm pretty that
*nobody* claims 7 years!