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Request for a unix shellscript and lispm server to start up remote X screens?

    Date: Mon, 11 Jun 90 23:32 PDT
    From: shirley@parc.xerox.com (Mark Shirley)

    Has anyone written a unix command to ship the contents of the DISPLAY shell
    variable over to a lispm and have it do a Start X Screen back to the
    appropriate display?  I've been doing this by telnet'ing to the machine,
    typing :start X screen and killing the connection, but it should be
    straightforward to write a server on the lispm side and a shellscript or
    something on the unix side.

     - Mark

Load the UX Support system (it's loaded by default on UX400S systems,
but not on others), which includes a UNIX-REXEC server, which allows you
to use the Unix "rsh" command to send commands and forms to the Lispm.
Thus, you can do "rsh <lispm> Start X Screen <sun> :Display <#>".

Note that the UNIX-REXEC server uses the same criteria as the EVAL
server: the client host must be trusted, and the Lispm must either be
logged out or have called NET:EVAL-SERVER-ON.