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Software Support Organizational Changes

June 11, 1990

Dear Symbolics Customer,

	Symbolics is announcing major enhancements to our software 
support program.  These enhancements are in direct response to our 
customers' requests for more timely problem resolution and more cost 
effective software support.  While we have made major changes in the 
organization to enable us to improve the quality of support you 
receive, we have not altered the way in which our customers access 
this support.   You can continue to use our toll-free support number:  
800-824-4263.  I will briefly review the organizational changes below.

	To improve the speed at which certain problems are resolved 
we have consolidated our U. S. software support function, based in 
Chatsworth, California, with our corporate software support group in 
Burlington, Massachusetts.  This change is effective July 2, 1990.  
The consolidation will ensure better coordination and communication 
between software support and our developers.   Our software support 
function will be comprised of a dedicated staff drawn from both our 
development and corporate software support groups.

	We will stage this transition to minimize disruption in our 
service.  Below are the effective dates when Burlington assumes sole 
responsibility for support operations:  		
	Electronic mail support 		June 11, 1990
	Telephone support			July 2, 1990

While we are working to make this transition transparent to our 
customers, I encourage you to contact me directly if you are 
experiencing problems.  I can be reached at 617-221-1093.  We 
look forward to continuing to provide you with the best possible 
customer service.


Ken Tarpey
General Manager
Symbolic Processing Business Unit