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Errors to window, not background stream

    Date: Thu, 14 Jun 90 14:51:33+0900
    From: kddlab!harl.hitachi.co.jp!mklein@uunet.UU.NET

    When I get some kind of error when using a dynamic window in an
    interactive way (i.e. read text from window, print results to
    window) when I get an error I fall into the debugger in
    the background stream for that window, even though the error 
    NOTIFICATION goes to the dynamic window instance. Is it possible 
    to get the debugger to run in the original window rather than
    the background stream (so I don't have to wait so long for the
    debugger to become accessible)?

The debugger uses *DEBUG-IO*, which is normally a synonym stream for
*TERMINAL-IO*.  When a process is started the default binding of
*TERMINAL-IO* is a background window.  Your application should bind one
of these variables to the window it wants to be used for user
interaction (bind *TERMINAL-IO* if you want ALL user interaction
directed to your window, bind just *DEBUG-IO* if you want non-debugger
I/O to continue to go to the background window).