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More on the future of Software Support

Effective June 15, 1990, Teri Carilli will be managing the Software
Support function for Symbolics. Teri has had significant customer
contact at Symbolics through her SQA work. Teri's management abilities,
and understanding of the support issues should be an invaluable addition
to the Software Support function at Symbolics.

Due to the SLUG '90 meeting next week, phone and mail support will have
slower response time (a large number of support people will be at SLUG).
If you don't have to send mail or call Software Support until after
SLUG, that would be appreciated by the support people handling the incidents.
If you need software support, please send mail if possible.

I am leaving Symbolics. Mark Truhlar is taking over my responsibilities
at Symbolics. Due to scheduling conflicts, he will not be taking my
place at SLUG, but I'm sure you will enjoy working with him after SLUG.
Ken Tarpey, Ken Sinclair, and Teri Carilli will be handling any
questions you may have regarding my previous areas of responsibilities.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for
the work we have accomplished together during my tenure here. I have
always been impressed by the diversity and the brainpower of Symbolics
users, and I wish all of you great success.