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going from DocEx -> printed docs

    Date: Mon, 18 Jun 90 11:41:51 EDT
    From: rpg@cs.brown.edu

    Increasingly, as I walk further into the innards of the Diabolics, I
    find that I come across some articles that are too long for me to read
    and digest inside the DocEx (the sys:function-parent doc is a good
    example of this).  I was wondering, is there any way to get out of the
    DocEx a pointer into the printed doc (at least a volume number)?  This
    would be a big help.

Use the DocEx or CP command "Show Overview", which shows you a lot of related
information concerning the topic.  For example, for SYS:FUNCTION-PARENT, it
says (I took out the character styles so non-lispm mail-readers could
understand it):

   Function:  sys:function-parent
   It is included in topics: "Dictionary of  Functions and  Special Forms",
       "Dictionary: F"
   It appears in document: Symbolics Common Lisp -- Language Dictionary
       source locators
   See also: 
       "Using the SYS:FUNCTION-PARENT declaration"

The "It appears in document" line tells you the volume in which it appears in
the printed documentation.  It is followed by a tree structure which shows
you the topic's parent(s) and children, if any.  Any place a topic name
appears in the documentation software it is mouse-sensitive.  Clicking left
will give you the "Show Documentation" command, and middle is "Show
Overview".  In this case, the "See also" actually gets you to the information
which is interesting about SYS:FUNCTION-PARENT, although it is somewhat
obsolete.  However, if you macroexpand the DEFSTRUCT form, as suggested in
the documentation, you will actually get interesting output.