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UX400S and scrollable panes???

I have a Sun 4/370 with the UX400S running Genera 7.4.
We are using OpenWindows as our windowing environment because of
troubles we had with X11.R3 and the Sun4 O.S.

I have defined a frame on the UX400 with a few panes. One of these
panes has to be scrollable. This isn't a problem on our 3640s but when
I run the software on the UX400, as soon as I touch the border of the
pane, I get three errors everytime. These errors are X errors talking
about "Asynchronous Cursor Error" and "Code 2.0 Change Window
Attributes". We've tried beta-test OpenWindows 2.0 but to no avail.

Has anyone encountered these problems with the Sun-UX400 environment??

Does anyone else have a Sun4 with the UX400?? If so, what windowing
environment are you using??


Scott Bayless
(703) 883-5866