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Environmental Issues and related work?


I'm sending a copy of this message to the SLUG email list. I don't know of anyone
personally involved in environmental related issues, but I'm sure someone in the
list either is or knows of another.

	--ba (Bill Anderson)

    Date: Mon, 18 Jun 90 14:38:58 PDT
    From:     sire@srv.PacBell.COM (Sheldon Rothenburg)


    Miguel Molina, a member of SLUG at my company, Pacific Bell, gave me
    your e-mail address.

    I write for the Spang-Robinson Report on Artificial Intelligence in 
    addition to my expert systems work here. I am working on finding material
    for the August issue, which has an environmental theme.

    Do you know of any Symbolics users who are working on, or who have
    developed AI applications relating to environmental issues?
    This is a broad topic that can include compliance with regulation,
    AI that promotes energy efficiency in product design or production, 
    or consevation of resources. A fellow writer is working on the angle of
    pollution abatement software: if you have any leads there, I would gladly pass
    them  on.

    Publication in Spang-Robinson is often welcomed by system developers.
    Getting published in an industry-wide publication often helps get
    political credibility within a developer's organization.

    Thanks for your help.

    Shelley Rothenberg
    (415) 867-5708