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Another try: zmacs function for absolute line

    Date: Wed, 20 Jun 90 10:05:51 MDT
    From: "David R Strip [1411]" <drstrip@cs.sandia.gov>

    I know that you can do meta-< c-(lineno-1) c-n.
    What I want is a function (not a macro even) that really goes to the 
    absolute line reasonably efficiently.
    And yes, emacs has a go-to-line, but zmacs does not.

RSL's reply is the best you can do.  In my reply, I wanted to
show you the basic way Zmacs is structured, but mostly I wrote
it on the way out the door, or I would probably have chosen
RSL's technique instead.  But mine does essentially the same
thing; as you can see from my code, ZWEI's data structure is
a doubly-linked list of lines.  There is no way to get to absolute
line N without actualy tracing through N lines.

It is *NOT* how I would design a text editor today (in Lisp or in
another language), because it does not deal with large text well,
as well as various other inefficiencies.