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Anybody got a version of tar for Common Lisp or Rel 6??

I'm looking for some way to easily ship clusters of files to and from
Symbolics machines running Release 6 and unix boxes.  If there was a
version of tar that we could get source code for (because in some
cases we need to do non-standard filename translations, for instance),
that would be an ideal solution.  Does anybody have such a program, or
know of one that is publically available?

(And, before anyone suggests it, these are five and six year old
3670's and 3640's, which have been classified as "walking dead".  That
is, no heroic efforts (e.g., $$'s) will be spent to save them as they
die [although, of course, the dead will contribute their parts to
extend the lives of those remaining].  So, no, we cannot buy NFS, no we
cannot buy a later release of the software, we certainly can't buy new
machines, etc.)

Thanks in advance.

		Ken Forbus