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Symbolics vs Explorers for CL development (repost)

Hmm, my first message seems to have been mangled: it came back to our site
with Subject line but no body. I'll repeat:

I'm considering a job at a company that uses TI Explorers. They're
developing code that needs to be transportable to multiple platforms,
so will be doing CL, CLOS, and either Common Windows or (hopefully) CLIM.

I've been using Symbolics for 5 years, and was wondering if I would
be frustrated in an Explorer environment. Any thoughts from anyone who 
has used both TI and Symbolics?

Better email directly to me, as this is probably not of general interest.
I'd be glad to summarize if there is any interest.

					- Marty Hall
hall@aplcen.apl.jhu.edu, hall%aplcen@jhunix.bitnet, ..uunet!aplcen!hall
Artificial Intelligence Lab, AAI Corp, PO Box 126, Hunt Valley, MD 21030