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We :Save (the) World

Due to popular demand, here's the song I sang at the SLUG reception
Thursday night:

			 We :Save (the) Worlds
		    Copyright 1990 by Barry Margolin

       (to the tune of "We Are the World" by Jackson and Richie)

There comes a time, when we make a function call,
  when the industry must come together as one.
There are programs dying, and it's time to lend a hand
  to lisp, the greatest gift of all.

We can't gone on, malloc()ing byte by byte,
  hoping that someone will call free().
We are all a part of McCarthy's family,
  and the truth, you know, Lisp is all we need.

We build the world, we optimize it.
  We are the ones who patch the bugs, so let's start hacking.
There's a file we're writing, we're blocked in "Chaos Out",
  it's true, wedged forever, you and me.

Symbolic code, with CDR, CAR, and CONS,
  our programs will be more bug-free.
As Moon has shown us, with presentation types,
  so we all must by an Iv'ry board.

We save the world, it's incremental.
  We are the ones who make the better code, so let's start consing.
There's a tape we're making, we're saving our own jobs.
  It's true we're more productive, just you and me.

When you're swapping out, there seems no hope at all.
  But if you just GC, there's no way we can fall.
Let us optimize, and change will only come
  when we--- page together as one.

;;; Repeat choruses until out of swap space