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Generic setf in defun-in-flavor

    Date: Mon, 25 Jun 90 13:11-0000
    From: p2@Porter.ASL.dialnet.symbolics.com (Peter Paine)

    Why can I not do:

	(defun-in-flavor ((setf func) flav) (value)
	   ... )

    I appreciate that defun-in-flavor can only handle specs of the form
    (name-symbol flavor-symbol), not (spec-list flavor-symbol). But it seems
    logical when using a defun-in-flavor to keep functionality exclusive to
    the internal environment of a flavor, that CL principles of setfing the
    accessor should be continued.

Given the existence of CLOS, I doubt that Symbolics is likely to make
significant enhancements to Flavors in the future, so this question
seems academic.

    <= p2

    PS. Is there going to be any Zmail available about all the fabulous
    things we cannot afford to fly to Stanford to hear in person?

There may be a proceedings of some sort published.  Many of the
presentations included slides, and someone requested that slide contents
be emailed to him if possible.  Unfortunately, I've forgotten who made
this request, so I don't remember who to mail my slides to!  There was
also a request for people who take detailed notes of individual sessions
to send them to this proceedings editor.