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Anybody got a version of tar for Common Lisp or Rel 6??

    Date: Sun, 24 Jun 90 18:21:14 -0500
    From: Kenneth Forbus <forbus@cs.uiuc.edu>
    I'm looking for some way to easily ship clusters of files to and from
    Symbolics machines running Release 6 and unix boxes.  If there was a
    version of tar that we could get source code for (because in some
    cases we need to do non-standard filename translations, for instance),
    that would be an ideal solution.  Does anybody have such a program, or
    know of one that is publically available?


I think it should be pretty easy to modify the Symbolics Tar-tape
software to do what you want.  Yes, I know you don't mean tapes,
but I don't think 'tar' does much different between tapes and files.

I don't know of the Symbolics software writes as well as reads;
the stuff we use here is a modified version with numerous bug
fixes and perhaps the writing stuff is local.  If you need the
code for writing, let me know and I'll investigate the status