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SCL condition system

I have just started playing with the condition system in release 7.2 Genera.
How are handlers established for the following call to ERROR?
	(error 'ferror :format-string "moo cow")

I understand that a condition object of flavor FERROR is instantiated and then
the SIGNAL-CONDITION method is run, and ultimately the debugger is entered.
Furhtermore, by tracing the inner workings of signal-condition I discovered that a
handler named DEBUGGER-HANDLER is somehow established on the list of *bound-handlers*.
So who set-up this handler? And who sets up any handlers for any call to error that
is not lexically surrounded by forms such as condition-case, etc.???

Maybe this is moot in light of the new Common Lisp Condition System...

	Len Charest	JPL AI Lab