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Program Frameworks question

    Date: Wed, 27 Jun 90 17:27 EDT
    From: mw06%centauri@gte.com (Mark Weissman)


	    I'm trying to write a program framework where the interactor
    works like a lisp listener.  The manual (rel8.0 Book 10 P103) suggests
    that all I need to do is tell dw:default-command-top-level to use
    :dispatch-mode of form preferred.  This does not seem to do it for me.
    Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?  Below is the program framework
    defined by Frame-Up except for the :top-level option which looks like
    in the reference.

    Mark Weissman

      :top-level (dw:default-command-top-level :dispatch-mode :form-preferred)
      :select-key #\Square
      (:INHERIT-FROM '("colon full command" "standard arguments" "input editor compatibility")
       :KBD-ACCELERATOR-P nil)

You need to set :kbd-accelerator-p to NIL.  You had it set to T
which tells the program to accept every keystroke as an
accelerated keyboard command.