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Re: problem with ux400

  Date: Wed, 27 Jun 90 17:39 EDT
  From: RWK@FUJI.ILA.Dialnet.Symbolics.COM (Robert W. Kerns)

    Date: Wed, 27 Jun 90 08:58 EDT
    From: Len Moskowitz <Len@HEART-OF-GOLD>
    I find it very helpful to see other's problem reports, if only for
    information purposes.  If someone wants to respond, great.  If not the
    only thing lost is net bandwidth.  I'd like to see all problem reports
    copied to SLUG.

  No!  You'll also lose at least *THIS* reader.  I don't have time to
  wade through that much mail, and it's only fair that Symbolics be
  asked to make an initial try before inflicting the problems on such
  volunteers as Barmar & myself.  I suspect that Barry is probably
  near the limit of the time he's willing to spend answering Slug mail,
  so it's not like you're going to get more answers, either.

As a former staffer for Software Support, it used to irk me to see bug
reports copied to SLUG, because it suggests that you don't have
confidence in Symbolics' ability to solve their own problems.  At least
give them a chance to fix the problem before you publicize it to the
users' group!  If it's a really severe problem and you don't get a
timely response, prevail on their sales rep (if you can find one) to get
some attention to the problem.  If that doesn't help, *then* let SLUG
know about it.

It seems to me that technical questions and/or statements like the
following are appropriate to be copied to SLUG:

 - Does anyone have a hack to do this?
 - Major problem alert!
 - Help! Symbolics couldn't find a timely answer for this

Does this seem unreasonable?

 -- Chucko