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NOT about: Re: problem with ux400

Some of you people are missing an important point: not everyone who participates on the SLUG
list has free access to the internet.  I pay phone bills for the time I spend connected to
Riverside when I initiate the connection.  Symbolics pays the phone bills when I don't.
Increasing the volume of mail on this list beyond some unknown limit may lead to (1) Symbolics
deciding to reduce their non-essential overhead by cutting off the free Dialnet phone service
they currently provide, followed by (2) people like me, the number of whom is growing, being
forced off the list due to unacceptable costs.

I say again: 1create another mailing list0 if you like, but please don't clutter this list and
dilute its purpose by sending large numbers of bug reports to it.  I already find that bug
reports sent to the list are predominantly a distraction, since for the most part they're
irrelevant to my situation and I rarely have the luxury of spare time to respond to them.