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Nothing to do with Symbolics: mailer problem

Some servers are so ... arrogant.

}From att!MEMPHIS.wif.ctt.bellcore.com!server Fri Jun 29 11:57:49 EDT 1990
}Received: by att.att.com; Fri Jun 29 11:58:22 1990
}Received: from MEMPHIS.wif.ctt.bellcore.com ([]) by ctt.ctt.bellcore.com (4.1/4.7)
}id AA20585; Fri, 29 Jun 90 11:57:49 EDT
}Date: Fri, 29 Jun 90 11:57:49 EDT
}Message-Id: <9006291557.AA20585@ctt.ctt.bellcore.com>
}From: server@MEMPHIS.wif.ctt.bellcore.com
}To: davel@whutt.att.com
}Subject: News Post Failure
}Status: R
}Your gatewayed article failed to post for the following reason:
}inews: Article rejected: news included more text than new text\
}>  Date: Wed, 27 Jun 90 17:39 EDT
}>  From: RWK@FUJI.ILA.Dialnet.Symbolics.COM (Robert W. Kerns)
}>    Date: Wed, 27 Jun 90 08:58 EDT
}>    From: Len Moskowitz <Len@HEART-OF-GOLD>
}>    I find it very helpful to see other's problem reports, if only for
}>    information purposes.  If someone wants to respond, great.  If not the
}>    only thing lost is net bandwidth.  I'd like to see all problem reports
}>    copied to SLUG.

Now, I've been rejected by my postnews program occasionally, but
this is the first time I've been rejected by someone else's.  Aren't
you folks at Bellcore afraid you might be missing something?

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               David Loewenstern
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