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Re: problem with ux400

    Date: Thu, 28 Jun 90 21:21:07 -0400
    From: magerman@linc.cis.upenn.edu

	 As a former staffer for Software Support, it used to irk me to see bug
	 reports copied to SLUG, because it suggests that you don't have
	 confidence in Symbolics' ability to solve their own problems.  At least

    I have every confidence the questions will be answered.  I just can't wait
    until the machine is obsolete before I get an answer.  Frequently, the
	  -- Chucko

I concur, as per my reply to the same source message.

    Someone suggested that a new news group be started for communicating
    questions and problems.  I can't believe that this isn't one of the
    purposes of slug.  But if it isn't, then a new group should be formed.

    -- David Magerman
    Unisys CAIT, Spoken Language Systems
    (Formerly University of Pennsylvania LINC Laboratory)

Bug tracking, reporting and comiserating has been a converstion within
SLUG for many years. Under the aegis of SLUG, I personally have been
involved in trying to get such a facility from Symbolics since before
Russell Noftsker left (that is, for more than 3 years). Of course SLUG
e-mail is a medium for such exchanges, but some you have heard from dont
want to be swamped with data irrelevant to them (as much of it is).
Moderation in using SLUG for pure bugs I think is the compromise to be