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SunIvory in Sun 4/280 Server

Does anyone know whether the SunIvory board works with Sun 4/280 Servers
that do not have graphics display consoles?  I've heard that site operations
don't work with text-only consoles because these operations can be done only
via the main console, not via ethernet.  This is important to me because I
can get a great deal on a 4/280 but couldn't afford a 370.

Also, does anyone have experience with the SunIvory board in various Sun
hosts, such as the 4/370, 4/110, or the Sparcstation using a VME-S bus
adapter?  With SCSI drives versus SMD drives?  Comparisons with 3640
performance would be appreciated.

I will summarize to the net if there is enough interest.  Thanks. -- Larry