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Re: Gripe about new FSEDIT Command Set in Rel 8.0

     people.  I'd vote strongly for having Symbolics change the way this in don
     in Release 8.1 to go back to the old way and move the delete operation to
     something like META-MOUSE-MIDDLE.  If this is done, the "are you sure you
     really want to delete this file" verification menu could be optionally dis
     (perhaps via a SETQable variable) so that experienced users could delete f
     quickly yet be assured that novice users don't screw up files.

                                                            Jim Dumoulin
                                                            NASA / Kennedy Spac

You should train your users not to click around haphazardly in the FS edit!
Always have them login before they use a machine and put in their init file
the interface they want to use. All it takes is setting a couple of variables!
People who don't know what they are doing have many ways to screw up a machine.
That is no reason to restrict those who do.

The first thing I looked for was a means to disable that menu. After all,
what good is a fast delete button if it puts up a stupid menu? Set the
variable tv:*confirm-fsedit-quick-soft-file-deletion* to NIL to get rid of
that menu.

Puting the delete on a M-mouse button is a good idea, though. Then we could
have the old close directory back on mouse-middle. I really like the fast 
view and delete file buttons. What is really needed is a way to back up a
page when viewing a file!

Speaking of stupid verification querys, what about that annoying
"Are you sure?" when given the command "Halt Machine"? For some reason it
drives me nuts that the machine would think I was just kidding when I typed 
that! And you can easily get back by just typing "Continue" in the FEP, so
why bother to verify?

Bill <bouma@cs.purdue.edu>