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Re: Best way to interact with program on Vax?

A colleague who reads the SLUG list forwarded the following to me:

> Date: Fri, 6 Jul 90 16:03:08 MDT
> From: "David R Strip [1411]" <drstrip@cs.sandia.gov>
> To: slug@warbucks.ai.sri.com
> Subject: Best way to interact with program on Vax?

> I am writing an application that will need to interact over a period
> of time with another program (solid modeler) running on an Ultrix Vax, or 
> possibly a Sun. What is the best way to do this? Create a new service on the
> vax, or some sort of RPC? I'm new to this, so I'm not sure where to start.
> A skeleton example would be welcome.
> Strip
> drstrip@cs.sandia.gov

On the theory that it might be of general interest to the readers of
this list, here is a short blurb on Cronus.  For more information,
please feel free to contact me:

	Jim Berets
	BBN Systems and Technologies
	10 Moulton Street
	Cambridge, MA 02138
	(617) 873-2593


Cronus is a distributed computing environment currently under
development at BBN Systems and Technologies.  Its major goal is to
provide a coherent and integrated environment in which distributed
applications can easily be built.  Significant Cronus features

+       a complete environment in which to develop integrated distributed
+	delivery of the application development environment in a way that
	is easy to use and results in reduced development time;
+       operation in a heterogeneous environment, including underlying
	hardware architectures, programming languages and environments,
	and network technology;
+       interoperability and coexistance with existing software, operating
	systems (such as UNIX, VMS, and Genera), and applications.

Cronus has been designed as a base for the development of large-scale
distributed heterogeneous applications using object-oriented
paradigms.  Most of the details of implementing distributed
applications are provided by a combination of code automatically
generated from an interface specification (including an RPC interface
for clients), library routines, and system components.  Cronus has been
used in a variety of applications, for example the interconnection of
Common Lisp-based expert systems with off-the-shelf database systems
and FORTRAN simulations.

Cronus Release 1.5 is currently is available for the following:
	BBN Butterfly GP1000			nX
	Sun 2, 3, 4, 386i			SunOS
	Sun 3					Mach
	DEC RISC (DECstation 3100) family	Ultrix
	DEC VAX					VMS, Ultrix
	Encore Multimax				UMAX
	Masscomp				RTU
	PC/AT-clones				Xenix
	Symbolics				Genera