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more on mouse to command presentation

   Date: Wed, 11 Jul 90 17:24:52 MDT
   From: drstrip@cs.sandia.gov (David R Strip [1411])

   What I would like is something like
   (dw:with-output-as-presentation (:object 'form :type 'sys:form)
       (print "Pretty Name of Form"))

   and have the mouse action on Pretty ... cause the form to eval.

I haven't tried it (I'm at home right now), but I think you should put the
:ALLOW-SENSITIVE-INFERIORS NIL option in, or use a different output
function from PRINT (e.g. WRITE-STRING).  The problem is that PRINT also
outputs a presentation, which overlaps the presentation produced by
DW:WITH-OUTPUT-AS-PRESENTATION.  When the cursor is over these
presentations the one that PRINT produced is chosen.