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mail slug@warbucks.ai.sri.comIvory MacInTalk

Help!  I am trying to get MacIntalk to work on the MacIvory.
I have versions dated Jan '83 (28,312 bytes), Jan '84 and
Apr 14 '88 (both 28,552 bytes).  I have Talktools 1.0 (Sept '87)
and Speechlab ('85).  No sound comes out.  I have the sound set
high on the Control-panel, and I have moved the MacIntalk
icon to the system folder.  Nothing seems to work.  Is it
  Extra credit:  How can I call MacIntalk from the Symbolics
side?  Does any kind soul have software out there that does this

Note:  Why does there not exist a SybolicsTalk for the Lispm?
This is an important user interface, and should be made a
standard part of all computers.
(Also a continuous speech input program...I know, I know,
we're working on it...)
  John Myers     ATR Interpreting Telephony Research Labs