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Accessing a Symbolics LMFS from a UN*X machine via NFS

    Date: Fri, 13 Jul 90 16:10 CDT
    From: lgm@iexist.att.com
    Our system administrator is trying to set up NFS (Genera 8.0) and can't
    find any explicit documentation on how to mount a Symbolics file system
    on a Sun so that it is accessible to UN*X users.  The Sun reportedly
    needs not only a host name but a "file system name."  None of "", ">",
    and "/" seem to work.  Has anyone done this successfully?  Are there any
    other gotchas in making this work?

The online documentation for NFS on this is *VERY* explicit, giving
instructions for several different flavors of unix.  Also, the
online documentation on the Sun covers it well enough to figure out.

For example, mine is mounted with this:
kilimanjaro:> /net/k nfs rsize=1136,wsize=1136,noquota,nosuid,timeou=25,retrans=4,intr 0 0

"kilimanjaro" above is the host name, the ">" is the pathname on
that host of the directory to mount, and "/net/k" is the directory to
mount it at in the Unix file system.  (It must be created in advance
with mkdir).

One gotcha is that you need Genera 8.0 or more recent for it to work to
a MacIvory.

Another is that you may wish to add ",noauto" after the ",intr", so that
Unix doesn't try to mount it every time it boots, which can make booting
slow (terminally slow if the host in question is down).  Then you can just
do "mount /net/k" as the superuser when you want access to the Lispm.

There used to be a problem that the NFS server didn't really work until
the world with NFS had been saved and booted.  I don't know if that is
still true or not, but you probably want to build worlds with NFS preloaded