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Window bit-arrays in static memory

    Date: 13 Jul 90 19:24:29 GMT
    From: spr@prism.gatech.edu (Stefan Roth)

    Q: How can I get tv:make-window to put only the bit-array (not the other
    arguments to tv:make-window) into the area sys:permanent-storage-area?

On the monochrome screen I think bit save arrays are put into the area
that is the value of TV:BIT-ARRAY-AREA.  I don't have the color software
loaded so I don't know if it uses the same area.  However, it probably
uses some special area, so look in the Peek Areas display for likely
names.  Bind the appropriate area name variable around the call to

    I am assuming that the screen-array of color:color-screen is put there
    automatically. Is that correct?

I'd expect the screen array to be displaced to the frame buffer physical
memory.  Physical memory isn't subject to GC.