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Accessing a Symbolics LMFS from a UN*X machine via NFS

    Date: Fri, 13 Jul 90 16:10 CDT
    From: lgm@iexist.att.com

    Our system administrator is trying to set up NFS (Genera 8.0) and can't
    find any explicit documentation on how to mount a Symbolics file system
    on a Sun so that it is accessible to UN*X users.  The Sun reportedly
    needs not only a host name but a "file system name."  None of "", ">",
    and "/" seem to work.  Has anyone done this successfully?  Are there any
    other gotchas in making this work?

Hmm, the 8.0 NFS manual is completely missing the information on using
the Symbolics as an NFS server.  It was in the 7.2 version of the
documentation that we got from ILA.

This is the /etc/fstab line that they recommended:

aquinas:> /lispm/aquinas  nfs noauto,rsize=1136,wsize=1136,noquota,nosuid,retrans=5,retry=5,timeo=15,intr 0 0

Replace "/lispm/aquinas" with the mount point you wish to use.  Note the
"noauto" option, which makes "mount -a" skip this entry, requiring that
the file system be mounted explicitly with "mount /lispm/aquinas";
mounting a Symbolics NFS server generally takes a long time, and we
didn't want it holding up the Sun boot, so we put the "noauto" here and
put "mount /lispm/aquinas &" in /etc/rc.local.

If you're using the automounter, and you mount /net with the special
"-hosts" map, you should be able to access the Lispm as /net/lispm-name.
If you want to put it in your auto.master map, the following entry would
be equivalent to the above fstab entry:

/lispm/aquinas -rsize=1136,wsize=1136,noquota,nosuid,retrans=5,timeo=15,intr aquinas:>